Friday Sessions are informal talks and presentations hosted by public works on Friday evenings with invited guests and friends.

FS_34 EXTENDED EXSTENSIONS at South London Gallery

Please join us for a FRIDAY SESSION on
Friday 18th Sep from 19.00 to 20.30 at the
South London Gallery (SLG), 65 Peckham Road, London SE5.

As part of our current project "today's extension" for SLG's "Beyond These Walls" exhibition, public works is running a Friday Session on the subject of gallery extensions.

While the past decade has seen a marked increase in off-site, community-based and outreach projects - the non-gallery based work of art galleries - numerous building projects have enlarged the architectural space of the galleries themselves. This Friday Session looks at the current and possible relationship between those two forms of extension.

The panel includes Margot Heller and Frances Williams, SLG, Andrea Philips, Goldsmiths College, Natasha Vicars, Whitechapel Gallery, Kathrin Böhm and Andreas Lang from public works.

public works will continue their mapping of SLG's various extensions in 2010, alongside public events and debates to frame the concept of such extended extensions.

FS_23 'Future Gallery' - Book Launch and Discussion on- Friday 2nd of Nov 2007 at 19.00



Friday Session_23 'Future Gallery' Book Launch and Discussion
Friday 2nd of Nov 2007 at 19.00

public works
Northgate House
2-8 Scrutton Street
London EC2A 4RT
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The Future Gallery book documents and reflects on a 20 months-long touring art project developed by the art/architecture collective public works and commissioned by the Internal Cultural Communications Department of Siemens Arts Program in close cooperation with Siemens Corporate Communications UK.

The Future Gallery asked individual Siemens employees at 16 different sites across the UK to sketch their visions of the company's future. Professionals from different fields were later invited to select some of the drawings and interpret them in to the light of their particular knowledge and views on corporate visions and identity.

Hosted as a Friday Session of public works, the evening will bring together some of the selectors to discuss cultural practices within corporate structures and recall their interpretations of the Future Gallery. The discussion will be chaired by Matthew Cornford.

The publication will be launched in collaboration with Artwords Bookshop, distributor of the publication in the UK.

Future Gallery
Published by Rebekah Fitzgerald and Kay Winsper (Siemens UK), Karolin Timm-Wachter and Christine Hildebrandt (Siemens Arts Program), Kathrin Böhm, Andreas Lang and Stefan Saffer (public works) ISBN 978-3-935779-00-5

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FS_18  Cadavre Exquis Cartography with City Mine(d) on Friday 29th June



An urban game & mapping exercise
Friday 29 June 2007 from 6.30pm onwards
Outside Bank Tube station. Take the 'Cornhill North' exit and meet us on the square outside the Royal Exchange, corner of Threadneedle St. and Cornhill.

The walks will be followed by two short talks at the public works studio at 8pm by
Dr Maria Kaika of Oxford University on the continuously changing development of the City of London.
Julie Myers will present - To travel Somewhere - a mobile phone/mapping project developed from a series of walks in San Francisco, USA, Cambridge, UK and Helsinki, FIN

CADAVRE EXQUIS CARTOGRAPHY prompts people to explore and collect ground-level images of the City.

The game is played in pairs sharing one digital camera with display screen.

Player 1 starts by taking a picture with a designated building or object in the frame as well as a second object/building of any kind. After handing over the camera to player 2, both leave the first photographed object behind, moving towards the second element of the shot. Player 2 now takes a picture with this building/object in the frame, but again with something else in the background or foreground, which will be the linking element in the next image. The camera is then handed over to player 1, who takes the next photo of the series.


1. A team is only allowed 30 shots and 1 camera per walk,
2. Images have to overlap physically and can only be of ground level building or object,
3. Only take images of objects/buildings in front of the team

All images will be assembled online and will allow visitors to wander through the City from behind their computer.

Come to Bank junction on Friday 29 June at 6.30pm and bring:
-a digital camera with its download equipment (Cables!), so we can download the images after the walk at Public Works.

no worries, you will recognise us…

Following the walks there will be two short presentations at Public Works studio
By Dr Maria Kaika of Oxford University on the continuously changing development of the City of London.
Julie Myers will present - To travel Somewhere - a mobile phone/mapping project developed from a series of walks in San Francisco, USA, Cambridge, UK and Helsinki, FIN.

Julie Myers is an artist who’s practice is informed by social encounter and intervention. Her work investigate memory, gesture and narrative in relation to physical environment. Sometimes recording just a brief moment captured between strangers and at other times building sustained relationship with multiple participants over a sustained period of time. She uses film/video, mobile technologies and database formats to document and present material that exists both on the web and in site specific or exhibition space.

Julie is a senor lecturer at Middlesex and Kingston Universities and lives in London. She has exhibited and screened work extensively receiving a number of awards including an AHRB research award and an Erasmus Scholarship. Previous work has been commissioned by The Arts Council of England, NESTA, The BFI, The Institute of Contemporary Art, BAA and the National Portrait Gallery. Julie has recently completed a placement at Adobe in San Francisco as part of the ACE interact program.

public works
Northgate House
2-8 Scrutton Street
UK London EC2A 4RT
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FS_04 Wapke Feenstra talks about Cityscapes



"In the Friday Session, I will focus on the cityscapes and hope to discuss with the audience questions like: what is the space of a cityscape? And why do I stick to making impressions of a location by looking for details that just give a random and subjective trend of a chosen inlet of the space? How can cityscapes be a screen of the location that is communicating the space around us more like landscape-paintings can do (a genre that tends to narrate our emotional relationship to our environment)?" Wapke

Feenstra evokes spaces to roam in, get lost in, gather thoughts in or fantasise in, thought-lost. Feenstra has a weakness for objects that, because of their very ordinariness, have no necessary meaning. She places them in a new perspective, creating the space to see them in another way " as mental spaces in which things do" look as they usually do.
The works are intended to provoke the viewers' associations, and are rarely clear-cut. Many of her works comprise part of a presumed larger whole, but you will never see it all at once. The works are making you aware that the perception is a local and subjective moment, cut out by time and space, but never isolated from culture.

Wapke Feenstra (1959 Wjelsryp, Hennaarderadeel) ; studied art at the Jan van Eyckacademie in Maastricht (postgraduate 1991) and works since 1992 as an artist in Rotterdam. Recent outdoor projects are Bathers in Amsterdam (2003) and Bathers in Munich (2005). Recent white cube shows i.e.: Klein Art Works Chicago IL (USA) 2004, Museum of Contemporary Art Heerlen (NL) 2003 & Rotterdam (NL).
Cityscapes can be seen i.e. on the internet , ongoing story collection in Dordrecht (NL) 1999-2009,, Arnhem (NL) see the city by following the dog routes 2001, , the cyclic time in a neighbourhood in Tilburg (NL) will be shown in pictures and trees 2005-2010.