Friday Sessions are informal talks and presentations hosted by public works on Friday evenings with invited guests and friends.

FS_32 FEMINISM IS ON THE AGENDA, a continuation on Mon 20 Oct at 20.00 at the ICA

The Friday Session FEMINISM IS ON THE AGENDA resulted in a collective wish and attempt to continue the discussion from the evening.
As part of the Nought to Sixty Programme at the ICA, London, FEMINISM IS ON THE AGENDA will be continued in public, on Monday 20 October 2008 at 20.00 in the Nash Room.

The issues and questions to be addressed at the ICA salon have been collected from contributors and guests involved so far. The evening will be informally moderated, and the issues that have been suggested include a reflection
- on the need to keep Feminism as a separate area or to discuss and practice it within wider emancipation movements
- on the role of feminist theories and methodologies within architectural and spatial education and practice
- on obstacles that make it difficult for feminists to actually practice a feminist agenda.

Contributors include Doina Petrescu, Jane Rendell, Ruth Morrow, Maria Walsh
taking place collective, Sarah Smith, Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre, Rebecca Ross, Torange Khonsari, Amy Fenneck, editors MAP, Kathrin Böhm, Anna Holder, Meike Schalk, Celine Condorelli, Nathalie Magnan.

Guests who can't attend the event at the ICA are welcome to join the discussion on the night via skype text.

A fanzine will be published and distributed together with the fanzine of the first
"Feminism is on the Agenda" fanzine.

The event is free of charge but places are limited. To book your place please contact the ICA ticket office.


FS_28 FEMINISM IS ON THE AGENDA on Friday 16th May at 19.00 at public works studio



Friday Session_28, Friday 16th May
19.00 - 21.00 at public works studio/London
A joint event by public works and taking place.

The idea of the session is to see, hear and discuss how feminism is practiced and thought within current cultural practice.
The participating individuals and groups have different approaches and interests towards feminism as a cultural, political and theoretical tradition. Some of the presentations will focus on a more practice related approach of addressing gender issues.
The session will be strcutured around short presentations of ideas or case studies where a feminist agenda becomes clear, to be followed by an informal discussion with all guests.

Presenters include:
Liza Fior from muf
Doina Petrescu from aaa, Paris and Sheffield
Fenke Snelting from De Geuzen and constant, Brussels
Emily Pethick, The Showroom, London
Celine Condorelli, support structure, London
Jos Boys, Julia Dwyer, Katie Lloyd Thomas, Brigid McLeer, Sue Ridge and Helen Stratford from taking place, taking place collective, London and Cambridge

A fanzine will be produced on the day.