Friday Sessions are informal talks and presentations hosted by public works on Friday evenings with invited guests and friends.

how to get an URBAN ACT book?



The URBAN ACT book launched during Friday Session_25 by atelier d'architecture autogeree will be available at the public works studio.
The book is distributed by the editors and through a network of voluntary agents, at the price of £ 20.00 per copy under the principle "one book sold / one book free" for the distributing agent.
The price has gone up because we had to include shipping costs to the UK, and the recent drop in value of the pound sterling.

Call public works studio on 020 70929100 or e mail or
pick up your copies at a future Friday Session.


FS_25 URBAN ACT research and publication presented by aaa on Thursday (!) 21 February at 19.00 at public works




The presentation of a European wide network of practices who act within the urban field as a place for political change and architectural practice, introducing their different projects, tools and methods.

The compilation of practices results from numerous pan European workshops, and has recently been published in book form by atelier d'architecture atogérée.
The URBAN ACT book not only locates and maps the activities of numerous
practices, but is structured as a manual to allow insight into the methods of
interventionist urban practice, like a user guide to "do-it-yourself urbanism".

For more information on the background and contributions visiisit the related research project website

Practice contributors include:
aaa, Paris
AG Gleisdreieck, Berlin
Park Fiction, Hamburg
Constant, Brussels
Atsa, Quebec
public works, London
Blok, Zagreb
Laboratorio Urbano, Madrid
Metrozones, Berlin

FS_23 'Future Gallery' - Book Launch and Discussion on- Friday 2nd of Nov 2007 at 19.00



Friday Session_23 'Future Gallery' Book Launch and Discussion
Friday 2nd of Nov 2007 at 19.00

public works
Northgate House
2-8 Scrutton Street
London EC2A 4RT
For directions click here

The Future Gallery book documents and reflects on a 20 months-long touring art project developed by the art/architecture collective public works and commissioned by the Internal Cultural Communications Department of Siemens Arts Program in close cooperation with Siemens Corporate Communications UK.

The Future Gallery asked individual Siemens employees at 16 different sites across the UK to sketch their visions of the company's future. Professionals from different fields were later invited to select some of the drawings and interpret them in to the light of their particular knowledge and views on corporate visions and identity.

Hosted as a Friday Session of public works, the evening will bring together some of the selectors to discuss cultural practices within corporate structures and recall their interpretations of the Future Gallery. The discussion will be chaired by Matthew Cornford.

The publication will be launched in collaboration with Artwords Bookshop, distributor of the publication in the UK.

Future Gallery
Published by Rebekah Fitzgerald and Kay Winsper (Siemens UK), Karolin Timm-Wachter and Christine Hildebrandt (Siemens Arts Program), Kathrin Böhm, Andreas Lang and Stefan Saffer (public works) ISBN 978-3-935779-00-5

For further information contact public works


FS_20 together with Book Works and supportstructure on Friday 14th Sep 2007 at 19.00



public works together with Book Works and supportstructure invite you to a Friday Session to launch

The so-called utopia of the centre beauborg - an interpretation by Luca Frei,
co-published by Book Works and Casco
A FanFiction by public works and supportstructure:

Where does the speculation start and finish?
We are asking a number of artists/architects/urbanists who are/have been involved in participatory and/or self managed public programmes, to revisit that particular project's initial ambitions and concepts in relation to the reality of its lived appropriation.
What could have happened next?
The invitation is to fictionalise the future of the project, after it has already gone through multiple speculations by the different authors and users involved; this is meant as a light hearted opportunity to assess what has taken place so far, and to push it into a (probably) unrealistic direction.

Luca Frei will be joined by Alun Rowlands, Emily Pethick, Kathrin Böhm, Andreas Lang and Celine Condorelli, for an informal presentation and discussion.

Friday 14 September 2007
19.00 to 21.00
public works
Northgate House
2-4 Scrutton Street
UK London


The easiest common denominator to be pointed out in the work of interior designer Ben Kelly and artist DJ Simpson is the use of DIY materials, bold colours and strong lines. That's where the obvious ends and an interesting conversations starts. Ben and DJ have been talking about the different influences and ideas behind their practice for a while, and this Friday Session will see a continuation of their conversations in public.

They will be showing examples of their own work and various cultural and material references which had formal and conceptual influence on their work, from Oskar Schlemmer's Lacquer Cabinet to Andy Warhol's Silver Factory, from Italian colour samples to new industrial sheet material, from Roxy Music to Stereolab.

Ben Kelly founded Ben Kelly Design (BKD) in the mid 70ies and the studio is best known for its innovative space planning using hardwearing materials. Designs include the Haçienda and Dry 201 Bar in Manchester and more recently the Discovery Gallery for Walsall Museum and Gymbox in Covent Garden and

DJ Simpson has been producing abstract drawings on laminated wooden panels, using various DIY power tools to carve into the various colours and finishes available for laminate. Recent commissions and exhibitions include a two coloured mirror piece for Draw, the opening exhibition of Middlesbrough Museum of Art (mima) and solo exhibitions with Sies and Höke Gallery in Düsseldorf and Helga de Alvear Gallery in Madrid.

Artwords Bookshop will be presenting DJ Simpson's recent monograph DJ Simpson works 2000 to 2005 which was published as part of his exhibition at the Mead Gallery in Coventry in 2006. The involvement with Friday Session 14 is one of many Artwords Bookshop events to promote and publish contemporary visual arts and culture.