Friday Sessions are informal talks and presentations hosted by public works on Friday evenings with invited guests and friends.


As you might have noticed we have been running a lot of Wick Sessions on a Friday - or Friday Sessions in the Wick - or, Wick Friday Sessions.

One reason to move the studio to Hackney Wick was to get more embedded into the situation or place in which we are developing work. Friday Sessions are very much part of the practice and since 2010 we have dedicated some of the Friday Session to the area as Wick Sessions, moving around from place to place from situation to situation. 

When making proposals for our new project - R-urban Wick - the format stuck and got incorporated. It also coincided with our office move. Since then we have dedicated more and more time to the area and many Friday Sessions have become Wick Sessions.

However, Friday session have not disappeared - so don't be confused - in the meantime we will post the Wick Sessions here as well - and at our nice new project website -