Friday Sessions are informal talks and presentations hosted by public works on Friday evenings with invited guests and friends.

FS_51 FROM TRAUMA 1 - 11...

FS_51 With Emma Hedditch, Anthony Davies, Howard Slater, JakobJakobsen

From Trauma 1-11 to.....?
In the Summer of 2011 Emma Hedditch, Anthony Davies, Howard Slater, Jakob Jakobsen along with Henriette Heise, worked together on 'Trauma 1 - 11: Stories about The Copenhagen Free University and the surrounding society in the last ten years' at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde Denmark. This exhibition was developed and staged as an attempt to retrace personal, collective memories within the broader (and often traumatic) framework of global events.
Since then, Howard, Anthony and Jakob have continued to work, together with others, on Mayday Rooms, an 'organisation' set up to recover and further socialise histories of dissent and struggle. This along with Emma's long term commitment to Feminist History/s will form the starting point of the discussion at public works.

Friday 27th April
at 19.30 hours

public works
1-5 Vyner Street
London E2 9DG