Friday Sessions are informal talks and presentations hosted by public works on Friday evenings with invited guests and friends.

No Friday Sessions in August!


FS_30: The Medical City Salon organised by TINAG on Monday 14 July at 19.00 at public works studio



This Is Not A Gateway (TINAG)will be hosting another salon at public works studio, this time about "The Medical City".

The number one cause of death amongst children in the developing world is not famine or war, but respiratory illness due to urban pollution. In a rapidly increasing urbanised world there is an urgency to address the complexities between cities and public health. Should the medical fraternity be the future builders of cities? 

What can urbanists learn from medicine? Could the medical knowledge, lexicon and methodologies be adopted and applied to cities? How can the 
knowledge from building hospitals be extended 
to cities? What knowledge does a paramedic who navigates a city's streets and treats its citizens have that might be vital? What can be learned about public health from a land contamination officer? How can public health be put at the
forefront in city planning?

This Is Not A Gateway have brought together three compelling urbanists to consider the historic relationship between urban planning and public health, to explore how medical knowledge can be adapted by city planners,and to discuss how public health can become an integral part of urban planning:

• ELIZABETH FONSECA, Environmental Quality Manager, Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
• PHIL GUSACK, Architect and 
Director of
• CHRIS SHARP, Urban Software Designer, Holistic City 

Salons are informal, free and open to all. There are always beer and beigals. To register, please email: