Friday Sessions are informal talks and presentations hosted by public works on Friday evenings with invited guests and friends.

FS_05 Rebranding & Relaunch of Stratford Circus



At Stratford Circus, five creative organisations work as partners in one building to help East Londoners develop confidence and careers in the arts. There, the education programme is not an add-on to performance, but an equal: evenings of dance, urban music and theatre take place alongside a continuous programme of classes and workshops.

Stratford Circus has re-launched this June with a new identity and a book exploring the academic base underpinning its work. This Friday Session (on a Monday) will take the re-launch as its starting point, and will explore the process of branding a building occupied by a several independent groups who have separate identities but share joint aims.

Meanwhile, the socially inclusive model realised at Stratford Circus is beginning to appear in different versions in the activities of other arts organisations. So the evening is also an opportunity to consider the impact of this practice on a young, creative urban community" and its implication for the future of the arts.

Speakers are:
Sarah Wedderburn, Writer and Brand Consultant
Clare Connor, Creative Industries Development Manager for NewVIc at Stratford Circus
Lolli Aboutboul, Graphic Designer and Creative Facilitator
Daniel Harris, Artist (Yeast Culture)
Debra Reay, Arts Consultant
David Rosenberg - Architect