Friday Sessions are informal talks and presentations hosted by public works on Friday evenings with invited guests and friends.

FS_10 Doina Petrescu & Constantin Petcou



Doina Petrescu and Constantin Petcou will present and discuss the work of atelier d'architecture autogeree(aaa) in Paris. She is also a lecturer in architecture at the University of Sheffield and a co editor of the recently published "Architecture&Participation" book.

" The atelier d'architecture autogeree / studio of self-managed architecture (aaa) is a collective platform which conducts actions and research concerning urban mutations and cultural, social and political emerging practices in the contemporary city. The interdisciplinary network was founded in 2001 in Paris by architects, artists, students, researchers, unemployed persons, activists and residents.
We develop urban tactics to accompany micro-processes and enable rifts within the standardised urban contexts, which are regulated by private economic interests or centralised policies. These policies are incompatible with the global, informal and multicultural mobilities that characterise the present-day metropolis. We encourage the re-appropriation of derelict spaces and the creation of new forms of urbanity by local residents through reversible designs and lived everyday practices, which make use of their skills and knowledge. These spaces conserve a potential of accessibility and experimentation by resisting the increasing control of the urban context.
Our approach involves not only critical analysis but also the process of making and acting through shared competencies and collaborations. We valorise the position of the resident/user as political condition
and develop tools cooperatively to re-territorialise their spaces of proximity and empower their decisions and actions within the city. These tools include among others trans-local networks, catalyst processes, nomad architectures, self-managed spaces and platforms for cultural production.
A “self-managed architecture” provokes assemblages and networks of individuals, desires and different manners of making. It is a relational practice, which is not always consensual but at times conflictual, and it is the role of the architect to locate confrontations and accompany subjective productions. Such an architecture does not correspond to a liberal practice but asks for new forms of association and collaboration, based on exchange and reciprocity.
Our architecture is simultaneously political and poetic as it aims above all to "create relationships between worlds".

FS_09 Pictoplasma followed by Xmas Drinks



Animated presentation by Pictoplasma partner, Lars Denicke from Berlin, followed by public works Xmas Drinks from 8 pm onwards.

Starting in 1999, Pictoplasma has archived and stimulated the activities of character design around the globe. By playfully sampling and remixing visual codes, contemporary character design has redefined the aesthetic standards of visual communication worldwide.

It is Pictoplasma's aim to foster an understanding of this phenomenon as a new era of figurative expression. Through pictorial encyclopaedias, exhibitions, online archives and festivals, Pictoplasma brings together artists and designers from all over the world, encouraging experimentation and pushing the development of this new visual language. Recently, the 2nd Pictoplasma Conference brought together designers and artists from around the world in Berlin to "Get into Character". In a collaboration of character designers, costume designers, dancers and visual artists, the relation of image and body has been brought to issue in a fresh way.

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