Friday Sessions are informal talks and presentations hosted by public works on Friday evenings with invited guests and friends.

FS_30: The Medical City Salon organised by TINAG on Monday 14 July at 19.00 at public works studio



This Is Not A Gateway (TINAG)will be hosting another salon at public works studio, this time about "The Medical City".

The number one cause of death amongst children in the developing world is not famine or war, but respiratory illness due to urban pollution. In a rapidly increasing urbanised world there is an urgency to address the complexities between cities and public health. Should the medical fraternity be the future builders of cities? 

What can urbanists learn from medicine? Could the medical knowledge, lexicon and methodologies be adopted and applied to cities? How can the 
knowledge from building hospitals be extended 
to cities? What knowledge does a paramedic who navigates a city's streets and treats its citizens have that might be vital? What can be learned about public health from a land contamination officer? How can public health be put at the
forefront in city planning?

This Is Not A Gateway have brought together three compelling urbanists to consider the historic relationship between urban planning and public health, to explore how medical knowledge can be adapted by city planners,and to discuss how public health can become an integral part of urban planning:

• ELIZABETH FONSECA, Environmental Quality Manager, Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
• PHIL GUSACK, Architect and 
Director of
• CHRIS SHARP, Urban Software Designer, Holistic City 

Salons are informal, free and open to all. There are always beer and beigals. To register, please email:

FS_28 FEMINISM IS ON THE AGENDA on Friday 16th May at 19.00 at public works studio



Friday Session_28, Friday 16th May
19.00 - 21.00 at public works studio/London
A joint event by public works and taking place.

The idea of the session is to see, hear and discuss how feminism is practiced and thought within current cultural practice.
The participating individuals and groups have different approaches and interests towards feminism as a cultural, political and theoretical tradition. Some of the presentations will focus on a more practice related approach of addressing gender issues.
The session will be strcutured around short presentations of ideas or case studies where a feminist agenda becomes clear, to be followed by an informal discussion with all guests.

Presenters include:
Liza Fior from muf
Doina Petrescu from aaa, Paris and Sheffield
Fenke Snelting from De Geuzen and constant, Brussels
Emily Pethick, The Showroom, London
Celine Condorelli, support structure, London
Jos Boys, Julia Dwyer, Katie Lloyd Thomas, Brigid McLeer, Sue Ridge and Helen Stratford from taking place, taking place collective, London and Cambridge

A fanzine will be produced on the day.

FS_27 - 'I love the Olympics' - Friday 25th of April 2008, 19.00



Friday the 25th of April 2008, 19.00 at public works
With Contributions by: Ana Méndez de Andés, Optimistic Productions, Games Monitor and others

Initiated by Ana Méndez de Andés this Friday Session will bring together a number of practitioners and activist that have an interest in the Olympic development currently underway in Stratford. The evening of presentations will be a departing point for the articulation of a possible 'action' that addesses the Olympic site and its surroundings.

Ana Méndez de Andés will present the video I love the M30 by the Madrid-based collectives areaciega and basurama as well as a brief introduction of the conflicts and resistances in Madrid as analysed by the Observatorio Metropolitano in the book Madrid ¿la suma de todos? I love the M30 documents an action that took place in November 2006 involving an open top tourist bus, 35 activists, the biggest and most expensive construction site in Madrid, a jazz band and a very devoted driver.

In 2007 Hilary Powell and Dan Edelstyn from Optimistic Productions made the film 'The Games' staging an alternative Olympics within the sites now enclosed by the blue hoardings. Carrying on their engagement with the Olympic zone they will present their work with 'Olympic Spirits and Foodstuffs Ltd' providing an introduction to the company's product range and ethos.

Hilary together with George Unsworth from Space Studios will also talk about the Olympic Artists Forum, an information and events platform for artists and creative practitioners engaging with the Olympics and the changing cultural landscape of London.

Games Monitor is a network of people raising awareness about issues within the London Olympic development processes. Highlighting the local, London and international implications of the Olympic industry. Games Monitor seeks to deconstruct the 'fantastic' hype of Olympic boosterism and the eager complicity of the 'urban elites' in politics, business, the media, sport, academia and local institutional 'community stakeholders'. The work of this network is mostly articulated and accessible through their web site: For this Friday Session Martin Slavin as well as other participants of gamesmonitor will be present.


Ana Méndez de Andés is member and founder of two interconnected militant-research collectives in Madrid: areaciega develops a collective research on mapping of public spaces focusing on the emergence of self-organised social processes and has been funded by arteleku, Center for Contemporary Creation in San Sebastian while the Observatorio Metropolitano was born in 2005 as a cluster of micro-investigations with the intention of giving an account of the big transformations of the contemporary metropolis under the light of globalization and the resistances against it. As landscape architect, she is currently working in London at Kathryn Gustafson´s office and has her own practice under the name of malashierbas

Hilary Powell is a Hackney based artist whose interdisciplinary practice combines rigorous urban research with event based practices and film. Her background in Fine Art and Scenography led her out into derelict sites across Europe (from empty swimming pools in London to Amsterdam Docklands and Berlin factories) creating site responsive theatrical installation events. She has a PhD in Cultural Studies from Goldsmith's College, University of London and her research and practice consistently focuses on urban 'junkspaces' and sites of large-scale regeneration.

Hilary is partner in the film company Optimistic Productions with Dan Edelstyn fusing professionalism and creativity. Dan is an experienced Director / Producer and makes innovative documentaries for C4 and C5. Projects range from a feature film involving Ukrainian exile and alcohol to a series exploring the future of Britain through the predictions of 'Seaside Seers' but a key element of their work remains engaged with various urban practices documenting and creating a vision of the city as a site for playful intervention.

FS_26: Cross Country on Sat 15th March in Cambridgeshire

Rural public space - Cross Country

Rural public space - Cross Country

The next Friday Session will take place as part of
Torange Khonsari's (public works)
Cross Country project for Wysing Arts Centre in Cambridgeshire.

The project concludes research and walks that were undertaken in the last year
in and around the village of Bourn and Wysing Arts Centre, and proposes new questions and structures towards public and communal spaces in a rural environment.
Torange has negotiated the temporary extension of a public path into privately owned land, and the Friday Session will be part of a series of events to take place on a specifically designed platform structure on site.
The speakers would be
Torange Khonsari - talking about the definition/condition of a rural public space and its immediate community
Wapke Feenstra - conducting a soil drilling on site and opening a discussion around who owns which layer of the land.

Thurs 13 - Sat 15 March
Bourn Village
local walks
Thurs 10am - 2pm, led by Polly Brannan, William Bevan
Friday 10am - 2pm, led by Polly Brannan, William Bevan, Torange Khonsari
Saturday 10am - 2pm, led by Sarah Butler

Thurs 13 - Sat 15 March
Personal map-making workshops
Thurs 2 - 4pm, led by Polly Brannan, Torange Khonsari
Friday 2 - 4pm led by Polly Brannan, Torange Khonsari
Saturday 12 - 2pm led by Sarah Butler

Saturday 2 - 4pm
Friday Session_26
Discussion on the role of rural space and culture
Torange Khonsari, architect in public works
Wapke Feenstra, artist in

how to get an URBAN ACT book?



The URBAN ACT book launched during Friday Session_25 by atelier d'architecture autogeree will be available at the public works studio.
The book is distributed by the editors and through a network of voluntary agents, at the price of £ 20.00 per copy under the principle "one book sold / one book free" for the distributing agent.
The price has gone up because we had to include shipping costs to the UK, and the recent drop in value of the pound sterling.

Call public works studio on 020 70929100 or e mail or
pick up your copies at a future Friday Session.


FS_25 URBAN ACT research and publication presented by aaa on Thursday (!) 21 February at 19.00 at public works




The presentation of a European wide network of practices who act within the urban field as a place for political change and architectural practice, introducing their different projects, tools and methods.

The compilation of practices results from numerous pan European workshops, and has recently been published in book form by atelier d'architecture atogérée.
The URBAN ACT book not only locates and maps the activities of numerous
practices, but is structured as a manual to allow insight into the methods of
interventionist urban practice, like a user guide to "do-it-yourself urbanism".

For more information on the background and contributions visiisit the related research project website

Practice contributors include:
aaa, Paris
AG Gleisdreieck, Berlin
Park Fiction, Hamburg
Constant, Brussels
Atsa, Quebec
public works, London
Blok, Zagreb
Laboratorio Urbano, Madrid
Metrozones, Berlin

Friday Session in January 2008



Instead of running a Friday Session at the public works studio, we ll be holding a number of public events as part of our current "Can you show me the space" project at the Stanley Picker Gallery in Kingston.

January events include:

Mapping Online - tools and concepts
Wed 23 Jan
12pm - 5pm Workshop
6 pm Presentation and Round Table discussion together with City Mine(d), Dorian Moore and Christian Nold

Making Space
Sat 26 Jan
2pm - 4pm
Round Table discussion with Anna Mansfield, Alex Warnock-Smith, Polly Brannan and other tbc.

Showing the Participatory Process
Tue 29 Jan
12pm - 6pm
A one day workshop session together with Peter Arlt.

For the full programme and more information visit


FS24 - How Vermin are Shaping our Future Cities - 6.30PM - MONDAY 26 Nov. 2007 -



The speakers, the bagels and the audience


18:30 FOR 19:00 START

Hosted by public works:
2-8 Scrutton Street
London EC2A 4RT
For directions click here

This Is Not A Gateway (Salons) invites you to share beers and bagels whilst

Vermin, cities and people shape each other. Urban vermin and their varieties
are on the increase. This increase has been attributed rising density, the global
mobility of people and goods and shifting climates - micro and global.

Which species have had close to a thousand years influence over our cities?
How have vermin affected the use and inhabitation of urban space historically?
Why were vermin culturally and socially constructed as expressions of
'dirtiness, contamination and the other'?

What changes has a pest controller noticed across the last decade in London's dwellings?
Where have vermin and pests been referenced in the arts?
How do vermin affect London's development process?
What role will vermin play in 'the urban age'?

The following four compelling urbanists have been brought together to present
and lead the discussion:

Ben Campkin / Lecturer, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL
Tea Mäkipää / Artist, Finland
Alan Pipe / Zoologist, Archaeology Service, Museum of London
Effie Williams / Senior Pest Controller, Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

Many thanks to chaudigital for investing in this salon

Please register:

FS_23 'Future Gallery' - Book Launch and Discussion on- Friday 2nd of Nov 2007 at 19.00



Friday Session_23 'Future Gallery' Book Launch and Discussion
Friday 2nd of Nov 2007 at 19.00

public works
Northgate House
2-8 Scrutton Street
London EC2A 4RT
For directions click here

The Future Gallery book documents and reflects on a 20 months-long touring art project developed by the art/architecture collective public works and commissioned by the Internal Cultural Communications Department of Siemens Arts Program in close cooperation with Siemens Corporate Communications UK.

The Future Gallery asked individual Siemens employees at 16 different sites across the UK to sketch their visions of the company's future. Professionals from different fields were later invited to select some of the drawings and interpret them in to the light of their particular knowledge and views on corporate visions and identity.

Hosted as a Friday Session of public works, the evening will bring together some of the selectors to discuss cultural practices within corporate structures and recall their interpretations of the Future Gallery. The discussion will be chaired by Matthew Cornford.

The publication will be launched in collaboration with Artwords Bookshop, distributor of the publication in the UK.

Future Gallery
Published by Rebekah Fitzgerald and Kay Winsper (Siemens UK), Karolin Timm-Wachter and Christine Hildebrandt (Siemens Arts Program), Kathrin Böhm, Andreas Lang and Stefan Saffer (public works) ISBN 978-3-935779-00-5

For further information contact public works


FS_22 'Ways of Learning' with Architecture sans Frontières. Friday 26th of Oct 2007 at 19.00



'Ways of Learning' is an evening of talks and discussion which will uncover three diverse ways in which architects are engaging with international development and defining their roles within it. The evening will explore experiences gained through being; facilitators of the Architecture sans Frontieres-UK international education programme; a volunteer with Shelter Center; and a tutor at the recent Global Studio in Johannesburg.

Architecture sans Frontières-UK (ASF-UK) was established to bridge the gap between the building profession and how they work in long-term development and post-disaster reconstruction.

Melissa Kinnear finished her architecture studies in South Africa 1999. She has worked in a variety of architectural offices mostly focusing on housing projects with a strong commitment to sustainable design. Melissa currently tutors at Oxford Brookes University in the Development and Emergency Practice design studio for undergraduates and is a Programme Director for ASF-UK.

Jeni Burnell completed her architecture studies in Australia 2000. Throughout her career she has been driven by the social component of the profession which has lead her to be involved with community building projects in Australia and Nepal as well as consulting for the British Red Cross for their Tsunami Recovery programme. Jeni has been involved with ASF-UK since October 2006 where she works as a Programme Director.

Shelter Centre was founded by Tom Corsellis, who co-founded the informal University of Cambridge shelterproject group, and Antonella Vitale, who worked with shelterproject ot develop the 'Transitional Settlement - Displaced Populations' guidelines published by Oxfam Publishing in May 2005.

The main aims of Shelter Centre are focused around the research, development, dissemination and operational implementation of humanitarian settlement and shelter policy, best practice, equipment and field programmes, namely working independently of, in collaboration with, or consultant to other humanitarian organisations and research institutions in research, emergency and developmental contexts.

Kiri Langmead is a fifth year architecture student at Sheffield University. During her 2 years out, she worked at Comprehensive Design Architects, in Tanzania on a design and building accommodation project for a vocational training centre. She has also been involved in landscape design and land regeneration projects at Groundwork recently completed her internship with Shelter Centre.

Global Studio is a project initiated by the UN Millennium Project Task Force on improving the Lives of Slum Dwellers in 2004. It was developed by the University of Sydney, Columbia University, and the University of Rome. Global Studio brings together city building professionals, educators and students from around the world.

They aim to work with and learn from communities and individuals experiencing disadvantage and/or social exclusion; develop appropriate participatory design and planning skills; encourage participants to take home lessons learned; Create global networks of professionals, educators and students; Encourage universities and professional organizations to address the MDGs, through educational programs and practice; Stimulate on-going research and action; contribute to the effective implementation of the MDGs.

Elena Pascolo tutored at the Johannesburg Global Studio in 2007.