Friday Sessions are informal talks and presentations hosted by public works on Friday evenings with invited guests and friends.


Can the localism agenda provide a platform for developing a community-led vision for the future of Hackney Wick and Fish Island? Can affordability be protected, gentrification avoided and the area's diverse cultures nurtured?

This session will look at the ways in which the local community can have an impact in key decisions regarding the development, regeneration and conservation of the area. The session is co-organised with Isaac Marrero-Guillamón, Editor of The Wick newspaper and co-editor of The Art of Dissent.

Friday the 19th of April 2013, 7PM
Stour Space 
7 Roach Road
Fish Island
E3 2PA 

Juliet Can will introduce Stour Space, its history, ethos, aims, challenges and future vision as a social business. Juliet's involvement with Stour Space began as a volunteer consultant supporting the organisation with its fundraising, governance and growth. Her current role as Manager is to develop services, relationships and key strategic goals within Stour Space.

Lee Wilshire. From the 'Right to Build' to 'Community Councils' via 'Neighbourhood Plans', Lee will provide a whistle stop tour of some of the measures introduced by the Localism Act, looking at what they mean for communities. As part of the team at Stour Space, Lee will provide an overview of how they are using aspects of the new legislation in their struggle for sustainability.

Sue Brownill will present findings from an ongoing research on neighbourhood planning in Oxfordshire (Woodcote and Thame) and London (Somers Town and South Bank). The project examines the experiences of these communities, in terms of the extent to which power and control is actually being devolved to localities and the varying capacities of 'neighbourhoods' to engage with the localism agenda.

Oliver Goodhall and Holly Lewis from We Made That will reflect on lessons from their recent project, The Open Office, and what relevance they might have to Hackney Wick. Operating on a walk-in basis, The Open Office was part 'Citizens Urban Advice Bureau' and part functioning practice, and offered an approachable and dynamic forum for public discussions about cities, planning, architecture and communities. The exhibition created a forum to explore topics relating to the 2011 Localism Act and the emergence of neighbourhood planning.

David Knight. Do the coalition government’s planning reforms go far enough in putting planning back into the hands of the people? Is this even their intention? ‘Beyond Localism’ will argue that more fundamental changes must take place if planning is to become something that people understand and use as part of everyday life. The talk will draw on examples of ‘popular planning’ derived from David's ongoing research at the Royal College of Art.

The Session will be followed by a 9.30pm screening of Tom Metcalfe and John Rowley's film 'The Wick' at See Studio

'The Wick - Dispatches from the Isle Wonder': Two film-makers arrive in the post industrial wasteland known as Hackney Wick to document this 'Isle of Wonder' as it falls under the shadow of the Olympic behemoth. You can watch the trailer here

The screening will take place at: 
See Studio Exhibition Space 
13 Prince Edward Rd 
E9 5LX



WICK SESSION #9 is hosting a late afternoon of talks on the subject of affordable workspace in and around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The event will be held at Unit 1 Vittoria Wharf, the home of a wide range of young innovative and creative enterprises, who's futures are increasingly uncertain due to the recent compulsory purchase through their property for a bridge to the Olympic park.

Tom Fletcher from the people's kitchen will talk about his use of the Vittoria Wharf shared work unit for his food recycling business; re using discarded fruit and veg from whole sale markets for banquets as well as locally distributed Re-Juiced soft drinks. 
The Spring Swing Banquet will follow the Wick Session - for more information see below.

Richard Brown will be presenting his campaign project 'affordable neighbourhoods'; an alternative proposal for the design, construction and provision of affordable work space on an interim basis on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park; the work draws on the collective self-build studio culture in Hackney Wick and Fish Island, proposing a design build mechanism enabling the fleeting creative classes to settle in to this publicly owned new bit of city.

Lewis Jones from Assemble will present the benefits and pitfalls of a number of approaches to 'building beyond your means' that Assemble have employed in their projects, ranging from ramming rubble, speaking in different languages, repurposing off-the-shelf industrial components, involving volunteers and being neighbourly.

Liza Fior, muf will draw on the work by muf in HW/FI over the last 4 years and in particular, the report Sustaining Creativity , which asked what would it take to keep affordable workspace in Hackney Wick and Fish Island.

Anna Harding will present the campaign to save creative workspace from the unintended consequence of planning policy changes. Eric Pickles, Secretary of State, DCLG intends to relax planning requirements so that developers can change office premises to residential without needing planning permission. This relaxation in planning does not guarantee affordable housing. The unintended consequence is the risk to jobs that may damage growth sectors in the economy such as creative and tech industries.

Visit the petition page to support the campaign

SPRING SWING - 7PM - till midnight

The Wick Session will be direclty followed by Spring Swing - a waste food Banquet held in Victoria Wharf to celebrate the seasons change after the Equinox on the 20th of March. Ticket price the banquet is £25 but a £5 earlybird discount is offered (only 30 available). RSVP needed - Wick Sessions are for free of charge.

The Banquets is a community fundraising collaboration between a collective of East London social enterprises, RejuceThe Peoples KitchenThe Koyaanisqatsi Trust, and The Luna Cooperative. 

The recipe: Take a few pallets of food waste, add a host of volunteers, stir in circus, music, and performing arts, add an after party for flavour, let stew and serve a few times a year. 

From plough to plate 20 million tonnes of food is wasted each year in the UK. Our Banquets salvage surplus food from the restaurants and markets of east London, funnelling the waste product of a destructive economy, to re-imagining our collective potential and co-create abundance.

For more information visit the Bnanquet Facebook page.


As you might have noticed we have been running a lot of Wick Sessions on a Friday - or Friday Sessions in the Wick - or, Wick Friday Sessions.

One reason to move the studio to Hackney Wick was to get more embedded into the situation or place in which we are developing work. Friday Sessions are very much part of the practice and since 2010 we have dedicated some of the Friday Session to the area as Wick Sessions, moving around from place to place from situation to situation. 

When making proposals for our new project - R-urban Wick - the format stuck and got incorporated. It also coincided with our office move. Since then we have dedicated more and more time to the area and many Friday Sessions have become Wick Sessions.

However, Friday session have not disappeared - so don't be confused - in the meantime we will post the Wick Sessions here as well - and at our nice new project website -



CHODZENIE SIBERIA by 30 Bird Productions, Chris Dobrowolski and public works

CHODZENIE SIBERIA by 30 Bird Productions, Chris Dobrowolski and public works

Setting the Scene will host a series of practitioners all involved in performance, film and urban narrative to discuss the role of the setting within which their work takes place. These settings range from artificially constructed environments to site-specific locations within the city.

We have invited:
The Yard Theatre -
30 Bird Productions -
Live Art Development Agency -
Urban Words -

to discuss, how real or artificial settings contribute to a piece of performance/Live art/film or text and question if those art forms can contribute to the identity of the place/specific site after the piece is over.

WHEN - Friday the 7th of DECEMBER 2012, 6:30PM
WHERE - Events Space, White Building, Unit 7 Queens Yard, 43 White Post Lane, E9 5EN

The session is in conjunction with InterMix a two year creative training and development programme for Essex. Intermix aims to link mainstream organisations with community groups and individuals, and encourages best practice in artistic development, mentoring, and capacity building for Essex artists and arts organisations. public works is part of the intermix mentoring scheme.


Finishing Factory in Queens Yard, Hackney Wick, E9

Finishing Factory in Queens Yard, Hackney Wick, E9

Friday Sessions will re-start in our new location in Hackney Wick, the former Finishing Factory, now the White Building. Part of the London Legacy Development Cooperations interim use strategy. Fotos of the abandoned Finishing Factory by Chris Dorley-Brown

FS_51 FROM TRAUMA 1 - 11...

FS_51 With Emma Hedditch, Anthony Davies, Howard Slater, JakobJakobsen

From Trauma 1-11 to.....?
In the Summer of 2011 Emma Hedditch, Anthony Davies, Howard Slater, Jakob Jakobsen along with Henriette Heise, worked together on 'Trauma 1 - 11: Stories about The Copenhagen Free University and the surrounding society in the last ten years' at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde Denmark. This exhibition was developed and staged as an attempt to retrace personal, collective memories within the broader (and often traumatic) framework of global events.
Since then, Howard, Anthony and Jakob have continued to work, together with others, on Mayday Rooms, an 'organisation' set up to recover and further socialise histories of dissent and struggle. This along with Emma's long term commitment to Feminist History/s will form the starting point of the discussion at public works.

Friday 27th April
at 19.30 hours

public works
1-5 Vyner Street
London E2 9DG


This Friday Session doesn't promise a quick fix to raising money for projects, but looks at different models and concepts of self-funding and self-sufficiency. Speakers are

Tarkan Ahmet
UK MD of PleaseFund.Us
Introduction to crowdfunding and to PleaseFund.Us: what is it, how it works.

Bianca Elzenbaumer
Brave New Alps, a collective based in Valdaora (Bolzano), Nomi (Trento) and London.
Presentation of Designing Economic Cultures, a research project investigating the relation between precarity, collaborative practice and the production of critically engaged work.
Matilde Martinetti
Curator at Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary, a Contemporary Art Centre based in Trevi (Perugia) and currently collaborator of public works. A survey of alternative economic models and collaborative practices to fund cultural activities outside mainstream funding.

Friday 24th February at 19.00
at public works studio
1-5 Vyner Street
London E2

Organised and curated by Matilde Martinetti.
Soup will be served.


Sunday, 11th Dec 2011 - 4pm - 6pm
At public works - 1-5 Vyner street, London E2 9DG

After a talk by James Quilligan at an event held by School of Commoning the realisation of how far the thinking about commons extends, from cultural commons to intellectual commons, digital commons, common governance and the common sector as an additional sector to the existing private and public sector lead to the inspiration for this event.

In this Friday Session (on a SUNDAY) we are delighted to invite:

The School of Commoning will introduce their activities towards a new kind of educational space, to bring the commons into being. It is a social enterprise that provides education for commons culture and social renewal.

Michel Bauwens, research fellow at university of Amsterdam and external expert at Pontifical academy of social sciences to talk about co-production and co-governance.

Celine Condorelli will explore forms of commons and commonality, making a small, specific cut into the large question of how to live autonomously and together by focusing on old and new enclosures, forms of communing and of being in common.

public works will present a selection of projects which attempted to implement co-production and spatial/urban tools that tried to create commonality.

If there's interest, there will be also a possibility to test the commons concept in practice, by envisioning the formation of a knowledge commons on Urban Spaces for the People, by the People. This could become a collaborative project to follow on from this introductory session.



    We are inviting friends and colleagues to join us for drinks, music and get-your-design-x-mas decoration laser cut on Friday 2nd December from 19.00 at our studio on Vyner Street. Matilde Martinetti, who currently works with us, will be playing her latest compilation "STEREO-TYPE. New frontiers of Italian Music". See more info below.

Bring a design for a very special x-mas decoration and the most popular one will be laser cut that night. You can also send it by e mail in advance. Just keep it smaller than A4.

Spritz will be served. And there will be food - of course.

* The compilation explores the concept of stereotype starting with a fundamental element of Italian culture: the melodic music of the Classical Period. The composers of those early songs influenced the shaping of a home made stereotype more than important historic eras such as Risorgimento (the Italian unification 150 years ago), the temporary post-war cohesion or the disown of terrorism during the 1970ies.

Another compilation,  the Compilation of Crisis, can be seen here.

Have a look at the winner of our Christmas decoration competition by Christopher king.

Laser cut decorationThe winner of Christmas competition!    


Hackney Wick is a place transformed by the Olympics. What was once described as an unregulated landscape has been transformed by the Olympics into one of the most highly regulated landscapes possible. The changing characters of Hackney Wick have inspired the work of many artists, curators and commissioners. Hackney Wick Un-Regulated invites a selected number of practitioners who have worked with Hackney Wick across this phase of transformation to critically examine changes in motivation, praxis and outlook.

Speakers include Rowan Durrant (artist), Colin Priest (Studio Columba), Rebecca Whyte (Stour Space), Caitlin Elster (Muf architecture/art), Joanna Hughs (mother studios), Anna Harding from [Space], Joe Stillion (Electric Matchbox) and Mimi Mollica, (photographer via Skype).

Friday Session 47 will take place in Hackney Wick, Hosted by public works together with
Hilary Powell to form a contribution to her forthcoming book about the Olympics, published by Myrdle Court Press and launched in April 2012.

Hackney Wick Un-Regulated is part of a weekend of salons, discussions and round tables curated by Hilary Powell with book contributors and invited participants drawing out some of the issues within the book.

The session will be recorded and edited version will form a contribution to the book.
Places are limited and RSVP is necessary. You can do so -> here 
For more information on the other salons of the series click ->here 

Friday 30th September 2011
Electric Matchbox
92 White Post Lane, Hackney Wick, London E9 5EN