The King's Cross redevelopment area is one of the largest inner city regeneration schemes in Europe and in common with many such projects confronts residents and visitors with significant changes which are often the result of top-down politics.

During June, July and August 2009 public works roamed King's Cross on the look out for activist residents, workers and commuters engaged in making a difference to the area themselves.

The DIY Regeneration project was interested in these small scale, self driven initiatives, motivated by a local need or desire. Over the three months, public works talked to individuals who have a direct, active involvement with their community and on a daily basis contribute to and change the area in which they live. Each of these encounters resulted in a hand made poster which captured the tips and advice offered on the best ways to get involved and start taking ownership of the neighbourhood.

DIY Regeneration used the Folk Float, a customised milk float, as a mobile workshop space, billboard, archive and on-site office. The posters which document the tips, advice and slogans collected on site, were also displayed on the roaming float and online at

A final selection of posters has been printed and fly-posted across the King's Cross area, spreading the advice back into the community which produced it.

In addition to the on site activity Camden Arts Centre hosted two short term exhibitions that featured DIY REGENERATION and published a file note document that can be purchased at the gallery or downloaded as a pdf by clicking the icon below.

DIY Regeneration is part of Junction, a series of artist's projects for King's Cross, commissioned by Camden Arts Centre and supported by Bloomberg and the Wellcome Trust.