An ad hoc production stall by public works for The Street project, the Whitechapel Gallery's year-long series of artists' commissions on and around Wentworth Street

For 1000 bags here & now, public works set up their own stall for 2 weeks on the historic Petticoat Lane Market, producing bags for use by the market's traders and their customers.

Since the 17th century, Petticoat Lane Market has been famous for selling clothes and fabrics. From the mid-18th century, Petticoat Lane became a centre for manufacturing clothes and, more recently, has become known for selling reasonably priced garments and African batik textiles.

public works respond to this rich history through their 1000 bags here and now project by collecting and gathering discarded, unwanted and bought texiles from the market and other left over materials and recycling them into one-off, unique bags to be distributed for free on Petticoat Lane Market.