part of the [Spaces] project funded by European union Eastern partnership cultural programme

public works in collaboration with Jonathan Karkut (cultural tourism) and Julie Scott (Anthropologist) from London Metropolitan university undertook the project 'High Tea' in Vake Park underpass in Tbilisi-Georgia. We engaged with local retailers and residents using postcards we created about underpass stories in London. We hosted a platform for discussion through a tea trolly where we offered tea and cakes and made instant postcards of the tales of the underpasses we were told in Tbilisi. 

The 'High tea' project was funded by London metropolitan university and British council as part of the [Spaces] project lead by NGO Oikodrome based in Vienna. www.oikodrom.org

The [Spaces] project looks at the recovery of public spaces for art, culture and urban residents is the core topic in spaces. the projects activities take place in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine where local artists and curators offer strong potential and represent the dynamic of change in the art world.The artists and curators put on participatory art projects that reveal conditions and differences in the ex soviet public realm.

For more information about [spaces] see. www.spacesproject.net 


We are looking for contributors and collaborators for our new project on Union Street, which will go live on the 21st of June for 10days. Union Press is a temporary and small scale publishing house dedicated to Union Street in South London. It is an open publishing workshop examining the ins and outs of Union Street and it's surrounding communities while experimenting with forms of public production.

For a 10 day period in late June 2012, we will open our doors on Flat Iron Square from a custom designed billboard kiosk. A public program consisting of walks, talks and workshops will result in a multitude of publications ranging from catalogs, post cards, posters, fanzines, and more.

To keep up to date with the rapidly evolving program visit our website www.unionpress.cc or get in touch directly if you would like to find out more or join the production. Union Press is a project by public works, commissioned by Better Bankside as part of Bankside Urban Forest

This is an open call for all those who would like to get involved with Union Press, contribute to the public program and help us publish Union Street. We would like to invite collaborators and contributions to make inventive, surprising and critical proposals for a small publication addressing a specific interest in Union Street.

If you would like to join in and submit a proposal we need a short description of max 500 words along with a brief bio. Ideas should explore a particular aspect of Union Street, its communities, industries, histories or futures. Proposals should suggest an inventive or experimental form of direct publishing along with a public event to take place on Flat Iron square between June 21st and July 1st 2012.

We have a limited budget for publications, print runs will be small and mono color. An honorarium of 150GBP will be paid. Deadline for ideas is wednesday the 6th of June. For any question contact info@publicworksgroup.net

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Folkestonmy float parked up in Folkestone
Folkestonmy float parked up in Folkestone

Folkestonmy float parked up in Folkestone

A big THANK YOU to the Creative Foundation for lending the Folkestonmy Float to us on a long term basis to start roamig in Hackney Wick, East London.

I went down to Folkestone on a sunny Friday afternoon before Easter and met the Robert, Jo and Dan from the Creative Foundation to sound out if a loan was possible and inspect the float. It brought back happy memories of 2008 when the Float was originally used as a roaming mapping device for FOLKESONTOMY, public works' contribution to the first Folkestone Triennial. Back then it was transformed to have a larger cabin and a bright yellow frame to hang lots of signs on. It was a bit like seeing an old friend again, slightly dusty but still intact. Milk Floats - especially their batteries - are sensitive things (as we found out in 2008) and if not used regularly they are quite hard to get going again. On this occasion it meant we couldn't go for a celebratory reunion drive around the harbour. None the less the long term loan and the support from the Creative Foundation is the perfect start to Wick on Wheels.

The float will now travel back to CBL Electric Vehicles in Oxfordshire where we bought it for a full check up before being delivered to Hackney Wick. The maiden voyage will have to wait a little longer ... unfortunately without a celebratory sending off  from Folkestone.


Colchester Inn is a project about hosting and welcoming in Colchester, initiated by the art and architecture collective public works, and commissioned by firstsite.

Since 2009 public works have collaborated with seven different community and interest groups, exploring their specific traditions of hosting and welcoming. At the end of March the results will come together, through a temporary exhibition and series of events.

Wednesday 28th March 2012, 18.00
Whose Plaza is it anyway
To launch Colchester Inn – All Together Now firstsite will be hosting a public discussion about the use of public spaces and its multiple users, using firstsite’s plaza as an example. Speakers are Judith Merritt (firstsite), Cany Ash (Ash Sakula Architects), Marc De'ath (Creative Co-op), Kathrin Böhm and Andreas Lang (public works), Harry Wilson (Ramprage) and Howard Davies (Colchester Borough Council).

Thursday 29th March 2012, 10am – 7pm
We need more Knick Knacks, Mosaic Space
Add your knick knacks to the KNICK KNACK CLOUD. Caroline Rhys-Lewis and Sheila Madder from the 3D design students’ group will be available all day to collect your knick knacks and their stories.

Thursday 29th March 2012, 15.30 pm - 16.30
Everyone’s rail

Free skateboard lessons* and demonstration,

*for those who have never been on a skateboard before

Thursday 29th March 2012 4.30pm – 5.15 pm
Skate Culture, Mosaic Space
Films programme selected by Jonny Antrobus

Friday 30th March 2012, 3pm – 4.40 pm
Public Tea Party Instant Cakes

Fresh cakes from the Public Tea Party clay oven, Mosaic Space
Watch and learn how to make simple cakes in no time with Glynis Brown.

Friday 30th March 2012, 6pm – 7.30pm
Pub Talk, Mosaic Space
A talk by Jess Jephcott, author of The Inns, Taverns and Pubs of Colchester,
about how pubs got shaped by legislation

Saturday 31st March 2012, 11am – 1pm
Cross Stitch!
Drop-in embroidery session with the Colne & Colchester Embroiderers Guild

Saturday 31st March 2012, 3pm
Public Tea Party, Mosaic Space
Bring your favourite cake along and sample some special cakes from the clay oven.

Sunday 1st April 2012, 12 – 4pm
Various Demonstrations, Mosaic Space

You need more than can be eaten
Learn how to make Chinese dumplings with the Colchester Chinese Cultural Society

Choose a local time
Watch how to make a cardboard clock with members of the Colchester Time Bank

Doily Boards
Design and make your own doily board.

Sunday 1st April 2012, 3.30pm
Everyone’s rail
Free skateboard lessons* and demonstration,

*for those who have never been on a skateboard before

Sunday 1st April 2012, 4.30pm
Skate Culture, Mosaic Space
Film programme, selected by Jonny Antrobus


public works is contributing with the Folkestonomy project to a new book on mapping and maps:
"Atlas. Geography, Architecture and Change in an Interdependent World"
, edited by Melissa Butcher, Nigel Clark, Joe Smith, Renata Tyszczukpublished by Blackdog Publishing.

To see the web-version click here.


We are invited by Meike Schalk who works at the School of Architecture & the Built Environment in Stockholm, and is part of the Fatale initiative there, to give a presentation, workshop and take part in informal discussions. The presentation will be part of a one day conference on March 7th on the "Miljonprogrammet" - a large scale housing development in Sweden between1965 and 1975. public works will be talking about local cultural projects and their spatial manifestations.

"Miljonprogrammet – the city of the future" is organised by Spridd / Småstugebyrån / KTH / Delegation for Sustainable Cities / Färgfabriken.

It will be live broadcast on http://www.livestream.com/kthlive.


St Matthews Primary School in Cambridge is currently undergoing an ambitious regeneration programme to cater for increasing numbers of young people wanting to attend the school. public works together with Cambridge based performing arts company 30 Bird Productions and Dr. Luke Skinner, research fellow at the Royal Society University are working with the school on MUD a project which tries to capture the moments of this recent development and unearth the heritage of the school and local area to be celebrated by future generations of staff, pupils and the wider community.

The project will collect oral stories and memories that go beyond the school itself, which will travel through the city of Cambridge and beyond. We want to hear from present and former pupils, teaching and non-teaching staff and the local community. We need your memories and stories, people's photographs, objects and anything that contributes to a history of the school and immediate area. This will translate into a fantastic resource for the school and the local area.'
Head teacher Tony Davies call for people's involvement


Committee of lost memories cafe - West Bromwich - Birmingham

Sunday service on the skittle alley
Sunday service on the skittle alley
39 steps
39 steps

Showing the film 39 steps, leading lady West Bromwich born and Bred Madeline Carol

Closing time
Closing time
Collected memories and stories
Collected memories and stories
Tea and cakes with Terry Price local historian with lots of stories to tell
Tea and cakes with Terry Price local historian with lots of stories to tell
Cafe was set up last week ........
Cafe was set up last week ........

Committee of Lost memories cafe - ONSITE

Cafe was set up last week ........

Cafe was set up last week ........
Cafe was set up last week ........

Leading up to The Committee of Lost Memories Café – West Bromwich- Birmingham

Torange from public works has been collaborating with Katy Beinart as described in previous post.

Black Country Living Museum
Katy visited the museum and photographed various relevant items. She talked to the people running 'shops' including the bakery, confectioners, pub and homes. This was useful to find out what the traditional cakes and bread would have been so we make them for the cafe. Katy also met with the education officer who was really keen to be involved in some way and was going to check budgets and timings and get back to us.

Sandwell Farm Museum
Katy visited the museum and spoke with John Stokes, who is an archivist and historian, based there, and also responsible for natural history of the area. He was very interested in hearing about the project and in finding out more about the history of Charlemont. He also said he could do a talk as part of the shop programme. He has since been in touch with further information about the history of the area.

For more updates also check

http://www.multistory.org.uk/blog/program-for-the-shop/ and